Golden Visa - your Golden Opportunity

7 things you need to know about having a Resident Permit in Portugal and obtain the Golden Visa

  • It’s possible - new legal provisions provide the possibility for those who pursue investment activities in Portugal to apply for a Residence Permit, for example, those who acquire real estate with a value equal to or above 500 thousand Euros.
  • It’s easy - the Golden Visa Program as very simple and clear legal requirements, with extremely reduced minimum stay requirements.
  • Includes your family - the holders of a Golden Residence Permit for the purposes of investment activity have the right to family regrouping, and may gain access to a permanent residence permit, as well as to Portuguese citizenship in accordance with the current legal provisions.
  • Free circulation and passport - the residence permit will allow the investor to enter and/or live in Portugal and to travel freely within the vast majority of European countries (Schengen space). After 6 years of being a resident, the investor may also apply for a Portuguese passport.
  • Portugal advantages – this is an excellent place in which to live, invest and to do business. It as very skilled human resources; very good and new infrastructures, business-friendly environment and fast access to markets (especially Africa, Europe and Latin America). These factors, amongst others, have contributed to an ongoing flow of new investments into industry, tourism, commerce, R&D and services.
  • Lisbon value - rental yield on average still remains one of the highest in Europe. In 2012, TripAdvisor has ranked Lisbon as one of the world’s top cities with best value for money. The combination of hot summers cooled by the Atlantic breezes and warm winter days make the climate unbeatable.
  • Tax benefits - the investor may also become a tax-resident of Portugal enjoying the "non-habitual resident" status, in which case he/she may manage to pay little or no tax.


1. What is the special legal mechanism for obtaining a Residence Permit for Investment (ARI)?

The ARI mechanism allows third country nationals to apply for a temporary residence permit to conduct an investment activity with a residence visa waiver to enter in national territory, i.e. Portugal.

2. What are the benefits of the ARI program?

3. Who is entitled to be a beneficiary of ARI?

4. What is the time-limit for reaching a decision on an application for obtaining or renewing ARI?

5. What quantitative requirements must be fulfilled by an investor to enable him / her applying for an ARI?

6. What are the minimum time requirements for the investment activity (i.e. how long does it have to continue?)

7. What are the requirements in terms of cautionary measures and documents?

8. Where may I apply for ARI?

9. What means of proof are accepted for granting ARI?

10. What means of proof are accepted for renewing ARI?

11. What is the time-limit for reaching a decision on an application for obtaining or renewing ARI?

12. What is the cost involved in obtaining or renewing an ARI permit?

13. When has the ARI special program came into effect?

14. As ARI holder, what family members may benefit from this same scheme, where and when may I apply for family reunification, and how much does it cost?

15. What fiscal rules apply in Portugal?

Useful Contacts

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The Immigration and Borders Service: AICEP -

The information provided herewith does not preclude consultation of: Order MNE/MAI number 11820-A/2012, 4 September – ARI Program; Order MNE/MAI number 1661-A/2013, 28 January –ARI Program Ordinance number 305 A/2012, 4 October – ARI Fees and Act n. 29/2012, 9 August.

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