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    Markiclass - Mediação Imobiliária Unipessoal, Lda

    License Number:6332

    The Markiclass began operations in 2004 with the opening of the first own store in Lisbon in the south of the Park of Nations.
    The opening was followed by another 2 stores: Born and Pinhal Novo.
    In addition to the hiring of qualified professionals, we invested heavily in the training of our employees.
    The Markiclass positioned itself from the beginning as a Property that focuses on communication.
    Effective communication is the fundamental basis of any type of service business. In the building sector, more still! Only with an excellent internal and external communication can understand the needs of our customers so we can provide solutions that meet their expectations or, if possible, exceed them!
    We have tools that allow us a deep knowledge of the property market, both in areas where we are deployed, as the market situation in general.
    We are prepared to provide our clients all the inherent support the purchase process, sale, transfer, or lease the house.
    We are present in major national and international real estate portals which promote the purchase or sale of your home.
    Disclose too regularly, much of our portfolio of apartments, villas, offices or others in own brochures.
    Where justified, we developed exclusive disclosure of parts of a given property.
    The purchase or sale of a property is an important moment in the life of us all.
    The Markiclass live this moment beside him, giving him all the necessary support.
    Our greatest reward is the satisfaction of our customers!
    In Markiclass sell real estate and make dreams come true.
    Show us yours, and we will strive to accomplish!

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